Low Cost Tree Removal Services & Firewood Deliveries – RI & MA

Low prices for RI MA tree removal services & firewood deliveries in Newport RI, Middletown RI, Portsmouth RI, Tiverton RI, Westport MA, Dartmouth MA, & South Coast MA!

Affordable tree removal services, RI MA firewood delivery service, Newport RI, Middletown RI, Portsmouth RI, Tiverton RI, Westport MA, Dartmouth MA, southeastern MA

Low cost RI MA firewood deliveries, tree removal services, Newport RI, Middletown RI, Portsmouth RI, Tiverton RI, Westport MA, Dartmouth MA, southeastern MA

Whether you have downed trees due to storm-related damage, diseased or dead trees, or simply want to cut down trees to enhance the views or landscape design of your RI or MA home, Ed Fitzgerald can help with quality tree removal services at the lowest prices in the southern New England region.

Tree removal services for RI & MA homeowners

We remove trees safely and efficiently, and will always clean the premises and dispose of the trees, branches, and related debris, as well.

If you have a fireplace or woodstove, we can take down your trees and cut the branches into 16-inch logs for you.

Our tree services also include tree trimming and tree pruning, which will improve the health, longevity, and appearance of your trees by removing dying or insect-infested branches.

Diseased, weak branches are often safety hazards; removing these potentially dangerous branches will give you peace of mind and eliminate your liability in the event falling limbs that could injure someone.

Call us if you have downed trees or branches due to hurricanes, blizzards, or other weather-related tree damage.

We respond quickly to RI & MA storm-related emergencies and can remove fallen trees or branches that damage houses & roofs, block driveways, or adversely affect other structures on your property.

Quality hardwood firewood for RI & MA homeowners

Depending on availability, we supply quality hardwoods such as oak, maple, beech, and birch firewood.

Our firewood is dry and insect-free, and doesn't exceed the standard 16-inch lengths that most RI & MA homeowners use. We also have firewood consisting of various shapes and sizes. We can also supply boxes of carpentry lumber scrap that is excellent kindling for getting fires started.

RI MA firewood pricing, quantity, & delivery area

Firewood pricing varies according to supply, seasoning, and other factors, but we promise that our firewood pricing is among the most reasonable in eastern RI and southeastern MA.

Firewood quantity is most often measured in cords. A cord of firewood (cut in 16" logs) is 8 feet wide and 4 feet high (or 128 cubic feet). We generally deliver a cord or half-cord of firewood to our RI & MA customers.

While we offer free firewood delivery to the RI & MA communities within a 25-mile radius of Westport MA, there is a service charge for other towns within our southern New England service area. Please call for current pricing. (View our RI & MA Service Area page).

Ed Fitzgerald offers free firewood delivery to many eastern RI & southeastern MA communities, including:

Rhode Island Southeastern MA
  • Adamsville, RI
  • Barrington, RI
  • Bristol, RI
  • East Providence, RI
  • Jamestown, RI
  • Little Compton, RI
  • Middletown, RI
  • Newport, RI
  • Portsmouth, RI
  • Sakonnet, RI
  • Tiverton, RI
  • Warren, RI
  • Assonet, MA
  • Berkley, MA
  • Dartmouth, MA
  • Fairhaven, MA
  • Fall River, MA
  • Freetown, MA
  • Marion, MA
  • Mattapoisett, MA
  • New Bedford, MA
  • Somerset, MA
  • Swansea, MA
  • Westport, MA

Please contact Ed Fitzgerald for a free price quote for our RI & MA tree removal services or firewood deliveries!

Ed Fitzgerald's RI & MA Service Area

We provide firewood deliveries and low cost tree removal services within our Rhode Island and Massachusetts service area, including the southern New England communities of:

Rhode Island: Newport RI, Middletown RI, Portsmouth RI, Tiverton RI, Jamestown RI, Aquidneck Island RI, Little Compton RI, Barrington RI, Bristol RI, Warren RI, East Providence RI, Providence RI

Massachusetts: Westport MA, South Dartmouth MA, North Dartmouth MA, New Bedford MA, Freetown MA, Assonet MA, Taunton MA, Lakeville MA, Middleboro MA, Rochester MA, Wareham MA, Marion MA, Mattapoisett MA, Fairhaven MA, Acushnet MA, Fall River MA, Somerset MA, Swansea MA, Dighton MA, Rehoboth MA, Seekonk MA, Raynham MA, Norton MA, Attleboro MA, Bridgewater MA, South Shore MA, SouthCoast MA, South Coast MA, southeastern MA, Cape Cod