Seven Important Things A Roofing Contractor Can Fix That You Probably Shouldn’t Do Yourself

Because your roof is such an important component of your home, it’s something you really shouldn’t mess with yourself, even if you consider yourself a handy-person. In addition to the dangers of climbing up on the roof, you also risk not adequately diagnosing or repairing various parts and problems of the roof. Therefore, it’s a good idea to contact a professional roofing contractor when you see signs and symptoms of something amiss.

  1. Curled, Buckled Or Otherwise Misshaped Shingles

Shingles need to lay flat on the roof, else they allow precipitation to eventually seep through the underlying plywood or water shield. If they’re looking warped, you probably need a roofer to replace them.

  1. Abnormalities In The Roof Valleys

The valleys are where rain and snow gather, but ultimately flow off the home; this important area needs to function as it did when the roof was new, or you could end up with a puddle (or more) on the interior of your home.

  1. Scattered And/Or Missing Shingles

If you notice areas where there are no shingles at all, call a pro to have the areas patched up immediately. While you could grab a ladder and check things out yourself, it’s much faster, safer and easier to let a trained professional do this type of job.

  1. Worn-Out Chimney Flashing

The areas around your chimney and vent pipes should be sealed tightly, to prevent moisture and precipitation from trickling in; thus, if any parts are loose, absent or damaged, they’ll need quick repairs.

  1. Roof Granules In Your Drainage System

Unfortunately, granules washing away into your drainage or gutter system generally indicates that the roof is wearing away. The granules serve the purpose of protecting the shingles from all kinds of weather, including the sun’s relentless ultra-violet rays.

  1. Stained Ceilings Indoors

You might see evidence of a roof problem on the inside of your house, but if so, the damage is already extensive. Call a roofing contractor right away in the event that you observe stains on the ceilings inside the house, because you probably have a leak, meaning parts of the roof are heavily compromised.

  1. A Roof That’s Over The Hill

Most especially if your roof has been patched up over the years and those years have been too numerous, it’s wise to have it inspected, even if you don’t notice any obvious signs of trouble. Roofs aren’t designed to last forever, so if it’s been too long since yours was replaced, you might be on borrowed time.

Your roof protects you, your family and nearly everything you own, so don’t take any chances if there’s a problem with it. Call a professional roofing contractor as soon as you see something’s wrong, and they’ll take care of it, quickly and reliably, which you may not be able to do yourself.


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